Whilst Young Australian People Inc. provide our services to a large crowd through Connecting the Dots, we target small concentrated groups through our workshops. The aim for our workshops is to create a personal experience for participants in which they can approach and spend more time with professionals in comparison to our larger events. Workshops are run more regularly throughout the year, allowing young individuals to upskill and develop skills necessary for employment and personal development. The outcome of our first workshop was extremely impressive, from the feedback provided all participants felt they got something out of it. Selecting different themes on development, workshops will ensure that young people can become the best individuals they could possibly be.

Identity Workshop

The aim of the Work Ethics Workshop is to provide 30 unemployed youth with the tools necessary to gain employment. The idea for the workshop was to target a small group of individuals to give them one-to-one support. The workshop provided participants with resume help, tax file number application, work professionalism and ethics, and mock job interviews. What made the Work Ethics Workshop special was that the mentors were members of community, motivating the young individuals to believing they can pursue any career they choose.

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