Connecting The Dots

An event that is run by Young Australian People Inc., Connecting the Dots is a large-scale event which is targeted towards attracting a large number of young individuals to benefit from an aspect of employment. By specialising in a specific area of employment, CTD ensures that young individuals can best benefit and be informed on increasing their chances of gaining employment.

Part I

The first Connecting the Dots was held March 2019, focusing on employment and academic opportunities. Young individuals were exposed to courses and programs that were available in the inner-city area which could help them start up their career. Around 162 young individuals attended this event and 11 employment organisations. The feedback for this event was extremely positive, we also learnt from this that the young individuals were motivated by seeing mentors from their community, influencing the theme for Connecting the Dots 2.

Part II

The focus of this event was mentoring. This allowed for individuals from the community who began their careers to sit down with young individuals and tell their story. Connecting the Dots 2 gave the young individuals an insight of a variety of industries, allowing them to take interest in a career they would like to pursue. Moreover, what made CTD2 special, was that the mentors were members of the community, motivating the young individuals to believing that they can pursue any career they choose.

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