Our Projects

What we do

Young Australian People place a heavy emphasis on creating a personal experience for participant of our projects. We have a dedicated team that work hard towards planning events and programs to ensure that participants gain knowledge whilst also enjoying their team.

Connecting The Dots

A well-known event we run is Connecting The Dots, in which we attract a large number of participants, where an aspect of employment is the theme. Young people that attend the event are exposed to professional workers and individuals with academic and work experience. Young Australian People create a welcoming environment in which all attendees can participate and engage at the event comfortably without being disregarded, this standard is kept even at our larger events. Connecting The Dots will continue to be run by Young Australian People Inc., as we work towards increasing young individuals boost their chances of gaining employment.


Through out the year we also run workshops which allow us focuses on upskilling individuals on a more personal level. These workshops are focused on attracting a small number of participants and providing them with skills and resources to increase their chances of gaining employment. What makes our workshops so efficient is that all participants are given one on one time with the professionals that attend the events. Multiple workshops are run throughout the year, as it allows us to focus on quality over quantity.

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