Barry Berih

Founder of Young Australian People

  • My background is predominantly as a youth worker in the City of Melbourne and Flemington, working with Co-Health, volunteering for CMY, and currently working for the YMCA as a customer service officer. I am also a peer advocate for the Kensington Legal Centre. Create programs for young people, including high school and university students to deliver workshops and leadership programmes, training, internships, and volunteering to help young people gain self-confidence and employment. 
  • The programs I am designing would cater to young people from 16 to 25, from CALD backgrounds who are looking for work or networking in the community. I envision these programs running three times a month to classes of roughly 15-20 students, culminating in volunteer positions with local mentors. The program is designed to run for one month of six, three hour sessions. Included in the training will be contact with six other facilitators from a wide range of working backgrounds; Banking, Pharmacy, Teaching, Carpentry, and Human Resources. The unique element to this program is that previous students will become future trainers after their placement, establishing a network of mentors and mentees across Melbourne for ongoing leadership and community engagement. 
  • I have previous experience running similar programs and after seeing how successful they can be I am interested in securing more funding for the purpose.

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